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    Henry Ford

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    Oliver North

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    Colin Powell

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    Thomas J. Watson

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    Elbert Hubbard

On May the 11th 2016, at the “Bendo Law, Advocates & Legal Consultants” Office, the attorneys of our law firm were pleased to hold a meeting with experts Mrs. Joanna Nasr and Mrs. Inés Zabalbeita Múgica, members of the Doing Business team, a World Bank’s project.


The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 189 economies and selected cities at the sub-national and regional level. Part of the Global Indicators Group, the project looks at domestic small and medium-size companies and measures the regulations applying to them through their life cycle.


As a Contributor for the Doing Business Report 2017, we provided legal opinion based on our expertise for the Albanian region. The main subject of the meeting was the strength of minority shareholder protections against directors’ misuse of corporate assets for personal gain. This indicator was analyzed in three dimensions of investor protections including approval and transparency of related-party transactions, liability of company directors for self-dealing and shareholders’ ability to obtain corporate documents before and during litigation.


The establishing of collaboration with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation confirms our commitment in building strong and successful relations with professionals worldwide.